Stalking (Bandcamp Edition)

by José Guilherme

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    This Edition contains:
    - "Stalking", José's first album;
    - A bonus track, "Image's Music" made out of .bmp images and a sample of a microwave;
    - Covers for Stalking's singles: "Watch Out!" and "Rage Going Through My Body Now" made by José Guilherme;
    - An alternative cover for Stalking made by José Guilherme;

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Stalking is José Guilherme's first album. Stalking is a "shot in the dark" and introduces José Guilherme's creative experimental style. And now, it features exclusive contents: covers for "Stalking" and its singles, and an exclusive track made out of .bmp images.


released September 7, 2013

All the work made by José Guilherme. Dedicated to my friends, to my
"managers", to Death Grips, Sigur Rós, Tyler, The Creator, and lots of other bands that inspire me. And for the ones who are following my work from this moment on. ;) And to the ones who bought this. Thanks for doing it!



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José Guilherme Portugal

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Track Name: A Night In My World II
"A UFO OF NIGHT OR MIND?" by Mark R. Slaughter

He focused on the waters. Above, an
Overhanging vista: layers of hues
Were blending in complexity,
Tuning in the sky's allure – the blues

Had darkened overhead, revealing
What he really sought - the minor streak
Could not have been a meteor.
An easy thrum had underlined a sleek

And ever-growing yellow core,
Pursued by dancing tails of teasing fire;
His hopeful eyes adapting, peering,
Smoothing out the contrast. A glorious choir

Trilled inside the power plant,
Harmonising in the pitch of black.
The trail of dazzling effluence had
Harkened him to bend, arch his back;

Give his disbelieving eyes a
Sense of concept, thus assimilate
The aviating UFO.
For many barren years he had to wait

For such a prize: a form unknown –
Unique to Man – for him to see it land
Atop the shore. The underside
Received a gentle nudge from running sand,

Frantic in the wavelets. He launched,
Lurching, surging down in salutation,
Bidding all an earthly welcome …
Overcome by his hallucination.